Master Degree with a specialization in Information Technology (IT)

The IT master program will deepen the students' knowledge of software, hardware, networks, databases, project management, cybersecurity, and more.  Our program will teach the students to understand ethical, legal, and policy issues and how to handle them within information technology.  The student will apply the knowledge learned to create information technology solutions to solve organizational problems for both businesses.  Our IT program will bridge the gap between IT and Business so that the students understand the diverse perspectives to communicate effectively across IT and business environments.

A master students is required to take 36 credits to complete the degree. Transfer students are allowed to transfer 6 credits for the program. Each course length is 10 weeks and counts 3 credit units.

Core Courses

  • MIS551 IT Foundations
  • MIS552 IT Project Management 
  • MIS530 Information Security
  • MIS554 Web Application

Elective Courses

  • MGT501  Financial & Managerial Accounting   
  • MGT502  Strategy
  • MGT503  Marketing   
  • MIS504   Legal Issues for the Information Technology Professional   
  • MIS506   Quantitative Analysis
  • CS510    Computer Privacy and Ethics   
  • CS530    Fundamentals of Software Engineering
  • CS555    Data Mining and Machine Learning
  • CS554    Big Data Fundamental
  • CS551    Cloud Computing Fundamental
  • CS552    Cloud Software Programming 

Capstone Course

  • MIS600-601, Information Technology Capstone Project (6 quarter credits)

Earn a Marketable Credential Along the Way

Students in master program with a specialization in Information Technology Management have the opportunity to earn a separate certificate in IT if they finish the core courses of Information Technology. This certificate provides an opportunity to earn a marketable credential while you progress through your MS program. Whether you’re making a career change or looking for advancement in your current field, this certificate will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and academic credential to support your goals.