Master Degree in Big Data

Core Courses

  • CS560    Big Data Fundamental
  • CS502    Advanced Database Systems
  • CS561    Big Data Engineering
  • CS562    Big Data Analytics

Elective Courses

  • CS521    Big Data and Social Media
  • CS520    SQL Programming
  • CS564    Data Mining and Machine Learning
  • CS510    Computer Privacy and Ethics 
  • CS506    Quantitative Analysis
  • CS507    Web Application
  • CS551    Cloud Computing Fundamental
  • CS552    Cloud Security and Assurance
  • CS553    Cloud-based Web Technology 
  • CS530    Fundamentals of Software Engineering
  • CS501    Software Requirement Specification
  • MGT501 Financial & Managerial Accounting   
  • MGT502 Strategy
  • MGT503 Marketing    

Capstone Course

  • CS603-604, Data Science Capstone Project (6 quarter credits)

Earn a Marketable Credential Along the Way

Students in master program with a specialization in Data Science program have the opportunity to earn a separate certificate in Big Data if they finish the core courses of Master Degree in Data Science. This certificate provides an opportunity to earn a marketable credential while you progress through your MS program. Whether you’re making a career change or looking for advancement in your current field, this certificate will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and academic credential to support your goals.