Admissions Requirements

Admissions to the master degrees at the ZHTECH University takes place four times a year. Applicants should have at least a four-year bachelor’s degree from accredited U.S. universities or the international equivalent. If your undergraduate degree is in a discipline not related to the field you are pursuing, you may be required to take additional foundation courses before beginning your master program.

Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) or Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) are not required before applying to our school, although we recommend and give the first priority to those who have taken the exams. 

Application Materials

  • Transcript: An unofficial transcript, which may be sent from the applicant, is accepted in the early application process. An official transcript directly from the institution or military branch where the credit was earned must be submitted before the end of the first semester. Applicants with a cumulative undergraduate GPA below 2.75 are likely to require departmental approval for acceptance.
  • Resume: an updated resume showing school attended, working history and experience, and professional certifications etc.
  • English Language Proficiency (International Students Only): English language proficiency must be demonstrated by foreign applicants not previously educated in English. Minimum TOEFL score required: 550 on paper-based, 213 on computer-based, or 80 on internet-based system.

After all documentation is reviewed, the MS program coordinator will consider your application for acceptance. Decisions by the program director are final.

Transfer Credits

Students wishing to transfer their graduate credits from another institution must arranged an official transcript from the issuing institution(s) directly sent to ZHTECH University for evaluation. Only those courses that have a grade of “B” or better, not older than seven (6) years, and cover the same material or equivalent material in the ZHTECH University program can be accepted. A maximum of two (2) courses, six (6) credit units can be transferred in. ZHTECH Academy will charge a $30.00 flat, non-refundable fee for transfer credits. Transfer credits are not counted towards a student’s cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA).

Application Processes

To begin with, the applicant is required to submit an online application form and pay a non-refundable $60 application fee to reserve your seat.  This fee can be paid on the web through the e-commerce system or a bank check. Soon after the application has been received by the Admissions Department, the prospective student is contacted by an admission representative to inform the applicant about the program offered and assist the student throughout the enrollment process. Essential documents, including transcripts, enrollment agreement, and payment method, are collected by the admissions representative by email or regular mail. The admissions representative is available to answer any questions related to the degree plan or the enrollment process.

Once the individual degree plan is approved and all required documents are submitted and verified, the enrollment process is completed and the applicant officially becomes a student. First time students will be scheduled for a required orientation either onsite, electronic, or via teleconference. The orientation gives students the opportunity to become comfortable with the online learning management system ZHTECH University created, and helps them successfully complete their course work.